YOU AMAZING PEOPLE!! Thank you for giving me all the HAPPIES of 48 with the gift of $480 and almost 48 thumbprints(so close–at 35 and counting )!  Every gift will help women overcome the violence of war in three of the MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!!  The tear-eyed flip is soon to come as promised!

But now what do I do????


Screenshot 2016-01-27 12.09.14

I just got a phone call saying that if I can raise another $480 an incredibly generous person will DOUBLE IT!!  

Yep–double it.  I had to ask twice, too (hehehe–no pun intended)! Some folks in this world are so beautifully out of the box I am stunned!  Oh wonderful blessing and challenge– so here we are! I guess some lessons are best learned over and over again— HELP!

Would you crazy people keep helping?  Some were thinking– “I will help push her over the top…”– Well keep thinking this!!

My new HELP birthday wish:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELP #3: I need another $480 on this my 48th birthday!  If I can get that little thermometer thingy up to $1060 by midnight tonight– another whole $480 will be added.  This will put me at…OH MY GOODNESS– $1540!!

Screenshot 2016-01-27 01.51.06


And if that happens, Lord knows what I will do… but I will be sure to take a picture of it, promise!

The 40’s may be hard– but #48 is looking pretty awesome to me!  Your HELP will make it one for the literal record books!!


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