A phrase many Congolese know well…

What will it take to bring peace in one of the most dangerous places in the world?  Much.  Political will from the UN, from other nations, from tech companies and consumers, and for the world to pay attention.

And maybe many little things as well.

If you can call 700 people all joined together for a common cause “little”.  Each of them choose the 4 mile, 10 K or a half marathon to be a part of.  They did this to bellow, yell and rise up for the sake of peace in Congo. They raised over $75,000 to supply grassroots peace committees with what they need to help those being “trampled by elephants”. Each of these heroes at Fellowship Missionary Church choose to consider others before themselves, and sacrificed to be a part of something very, very special.

Words are not enough.   Watch and let the hope sink in deep.  Then, join us in prayer as the grass is made stronger against the fighting elephants.

Sasa Ni Wikati Wa Amani!! Now is the time for Peace!!

One thought

  1. As congolese, this deep and profound message goes straight in the deepest on my heart. May the Almighty God convince all involved to accept, join this invitation and act for a peaceful Congo.

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