STANDing shoulder to shoulder!

To all our Ten for Congo friends!

I love this picture!! I have had the privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder with these amazing, persevering men and women living in the epicenter of one of the most dangerous war zones on the planet. there has not been a day since my return three months ago that I have not thought about these friends.

Thought About their strength, their beauty, their sheer courage. and about their need. This is why I began training to run a half marathon. I wanted to honor of their strength and courage. And to help raise funds for the world relief Congo staff working directly for peace at the point of conflict. I saw the work these heroes do first hand, and it is nothing short of excellent. the shoestring budget they do it on us nothing short of miraculous.

The Ten for Congo team is so grateful to have 100 FB friends and followers. Would you consider giving up a ten for the Ten? Ten dollars from each of you would be a beautiful one thousand dollars that would go quickly to work in the very heart of the conflict in Congo… To help empower Congo to be the hero of her own story!

The race is in fort Wayne, indiana on September 20,2012. I, my husband and the CEO of world relief stephan Bauman, and 500 of our co-laborers for peace will run the full 13.2 miles of the half marathon called Race4Peace Congo. Our sons, Joshua and Caleb will be running the cumulative marathon a over the next three weeks, logging 26.2 miles in solidarity witch Congo.

You see… We all have a part!

Go to to donate a ten for the Ten…

I promise I will post pictures of the whole Bauman family finishing so you know that your money went to motivate runners with a cause!!

Thanks to you all in advance!!

Belinda for the whole Bauman Fam

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