In awe this morning, 24 hours after reading about the looting and pillaging of Rutshuru.  24 hours after hearing that the faces and hearts joined to mine were fleeing as internally displaced people.  24 hours after wondering if the rebels were turning  towards Goma.  Laying my head on the pillow last night, I knew  the world releif staff was waiting the sound of gun fire on the road into town.  

The awe of this morning is in a security report I just recieved from our Congo Country Director describing what happened “on the road to Goma”…

“After a very tense and anxious night we have awoken from a strange dream into an even stranger reality.  The national army soldiers spotted on the road to Goma from Rumangabo have been diverted to other locations and the M23 adherents in Rutshuru and Rwanguba have retreated into the bush.  No skirmishes have been reported in the past 12 hours in any location.  Many people have returned to their homes and shops in Rutshuru and Rwanguba.  Bunagana remains very tense and the border is still closed.  There are numerous reports that the government and the M23 representatives will meet in Addis Ababa on Wednesday to try and negotiate a ceasefire, but this is unconfirmed.”

No skirmishes, no death, no fighting in the last 12 hours… Rutshurua trickling back to their looted and torn down homes and stores, but returning…

The outpouring of hope, of prayer and of help is the source of my awe…this stranger reality, a pepaceful morning may only be temporary, but it is hope none the less.

Thank you, all of you who “with confidence drew near to the throne of grace” for your brothers and sisters in Congo.  Please, continue to pray as World Relief  seek to help those left  int he wake of a still rumbling situation.

To God Be the Glory!!

One thought

  1. Belinda, I am praying with the many hearts locked in arms for the people of rutshuru. Thank you for being where we cannot be in this spiritual warfare that has spilled over into the physical realm. I am, as always, lifting up your nucleus, Stephen and the boys…. Love you girl.

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