…took my breath away.  It is one thing to remain rationally aloof to terrible news.  Just knowing that it is terrible somehow doesn’t drive home the reality of war.  For me this morning, I viscerally feel the pain because I know the faces, the voices, the children and the vulnarability of those who are fleeing Rutshuru today.

Sometimes we can make the leap from abstract to “hitting home” when people we know stand between the ones we should feel for and our own place in time.  They become “intercessors”, laying a hand on us and an hand on those who we need to see in their suffering. Today, I willingly lay a hand on you and a hand on my friends in this small Congolese town… an area that has been called “The Reape Captial of the World” and the Congo “home” of Ten for Congo. The hospitality and hope we felt while staying here less than a month ago is still tangible to us all.

From the Associated Press just minutes ago:

M23 rebels seized the town of Rutshuru Sunday. Kavota says the army looted during their retreat.
” We appeal to the international community to do something to protect the civilians who fled the fighting and are living in fear,” he said.

In a place where the UN has declared it is safer to be a soldier than a woman, can you extend your heart to pray for them, to STAND for them?  World Relief is active and working here with devoted, effective Congolese pastors and rape councilors.  Please read, know and pray… and when you are done, consider STANDING with World Relief at  Any sacrifice helps build up in a place that is being so torn down.

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