Church leaders in Kenya have bravely placed their personal peace aside so that the peace of a nation can emerge. We listened to strategic leaders in the student, business, church and civil service community discuss the development of their new national constitution. I felt as if I was observing history being made. I am humbled and awed at their commitment. They are people of faith who to seek to help their country embrace the character and hope they will need to become a leader in this conflicted region.  

It was a sheer joy to speak at this peace building conference with my TEN for Congo friends,  Lynne Hybels and World Relief Staff.

Image  ImageImage

Tonight we are finally in Congo…the road to Goma was full of  thousands of refugees.  People like you and I who are terrified to return to their homes.  Tomorrow we will spend time with the World Relief Congo Staff, disucssing programs and  prayiing with the bautiful saints from the church that are helping bring peace in this troubled place.


Looking forward to telling the stories we encounter tomorrow. Praying for open ears, and wide open heart…

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