Today was a watermark day for me… the Ten for Congo Team is all packed, and our first member is already in the air!  Tomorrow I will board the plane holding my heart in my hands, with a deep sense of hope.  As we depart, Lynne Hybels has encouraged me to write about this sense of hope… and today I was a guest writer on her blog.  Lynne, ever the gracious friend and co-laborer, wrote this about the post:

When I first met Belinda Bauman I was shocked to learn that for eight years she and her husband had lived and served aboard a Mercy Ship and traveled the globe offering medical care to people who had no other medical option. I’d toured the Mercy Ship and knew it was the opposite of a luxury liner. It was a patched up old ship with a mission that demanded hard work and offered little in the way of perks. But Belinda isn’t after perks. It’s obvious that for her, a life worth living is one that puts her where the needs are greatest. I wasn’t surprised when Belinda was one of the first to join the Ten for Congo team.

Read the post on her blog… and while you are there, add her to your follow list!  She will be one of your favorites!!

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